Leadership Team

Juan Santiago

CEO & Founder

Walter Abrigo

Managing Director

Gabriela Fernández

Chief Financial Officer

Celeste Torresi

Chief Operations Officer

Sebastián Pereira

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Agile Teams

Santex is a full agile house. Our teams are flexible and adaptable from head to toes. We can deliver and scale up on demand whether in our facilities through Latin America or our client locations.

We foster a culture of Agile leadership to satisfy various stakeholders including the client, the marketplace, and the agile team itself. To do so, we work towards common goals:

  • Identifying people by their competences and capabilities to solve business challenges.
  • Working in collaboration with your team so that knowledge-transfer is built right in.

Sustainable Development Goals

We integrate our social and environmental performance into our decision-making process, aligning our goals with the United Nations 2030 agenda.

All of the Sustainable Development Goals are important for us, and these are specifically prioritized as important to our organization:

All management positions seek to develop a business strategy that allows us to comply with the investment, finance, and profit distribution policy. To ensure this, our team always takes into account the environmental and social perspectives.

The Goals
  • Gender Equality
  • Steady work and economic growth
  • Infrastructure and innovation
  • Reducing Inequalities
  • Peace, justice and solid institutions
  • Collaboration with like-minded partners to achieve goals