Data Science

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics we seek to provide solutions based on the latest technologies in these areas. The AI-driven and data-driven businesses are becoming more and more common in the era of information. We trained our professionals so they are able to provide the best solutions that help in the automation and improvement of tasks based on intelligent algorithms and the use of data.

Machine Learning
  • Train and deploy models to make automated decisions and predictions based on data.
  • Use natural language processing tools to improve the interactions between humans and machines (e.g. automated customer services).
  • Computer vision for automated recognition and analysis of images.
Data mining and analytics
  • Improve business based on real time data (a.k.a. business intelligence)
  • Analyze data to make intelligent decisions regarding customer segmentation, prediction of trends, etc.
  • Integrate with Big Data environments to make use of large amounts of data.
  • Deploy working models to production environments.
  • Set up workflows to make it easier for data to flow, be stored and analyzed.
  • Automate the tasks of machine learning models testing and deployment.

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