Automation Processes and Digital Transformation for one of the Largest Convention Centers in the US

Project overview

On an average year, Signature Boston host more than 300 events with more than 1 million attendees. Logically, planning and organization can become a challenge. Signature Boston needed an experienced technology partner to implement world-class digital solutions that would enable millions of customers and thousands of staff members coordinate real-time activities with each other.

Our goal was to empower Signature Boston through technology and automation:

Streamlining Event Management Processes through a Mobile App

Remaining Compliant — Adapting Technology to Standards & Regulations

Automating Process Installations, booths and Exhibitors’ Payments

Streamlining Event Management
Processes through a Mobile App


The previous mobile application did not meet Singature Boston’s needs nor expectations. They were unhappy with its performance.


Gathering insights in order to assess the best technological platform as well as internal processes. We flew to Boston to meet with the team and identify how this was affecting each of the different stakeholders.


Using coding best practices we revamped the application with fresher look and feel and addressed usability and process streamlining issues.

Remaining Compliant — Adapting
Technology to Standards & Regulations


A new law required organizations must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Signature Boston faced disruption in their online payment process.


The introduction of the new regulation jeopardized all business areas, including the Exhibitor Online Ordering website which is used by exhibitors to place orders and pay for booths.


Reviewing PCI requirements and updating the application payment modules to integrate Paypal’s Hosted Page technology. Signature Boston became “SecurityMetrics Certified”.

Automating Process Installations, booths and Exhibitors' Payments


Carrying out these tasks manually was time-consuming, costly and prone to human mistakes.


Bostong Signature needed to automate event management processes such as planning, ordering installations, booths’ setup requests and payment by exhibitors, on a real-time basis.


We worked on a Service Order Delivery Project (SOD), which consisted of developing an iOS application and an API to connect with other systems and automate the delivery of service orders in real time. It controls every stage of the order delivery using a queue-based workflow, push notifications whenever actions are completed, and send notifications to update the mobile application UI automatically.

Results Delivered

2 Times Faster

In the end, Signature Boston was able to receive and fulfill orders two times faster.

Twofold Sales Increase

The automation of former manually-driven processes led to a twofold sales increase.