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Wiki Solutions Pros: Confluence Team Collaboration Software

By Alejandro Ocampo

We live in an era of intensive communication and shared knowledge. Thanks to different software solutions, interacting with our teammates at work has become faster and more efficient than ever. Wiki solutions have played an important role in opening up new communication channels and democratizing access to information in organizations.

Creating, collaborating, contributing, connecting, and giving feedback are just a few of the tasks everyone needs to do in order to get their job done on a regular basis.  Within the software industry communicating effectively is a key aspect of success. But because development teams have grown globally and multiculturally over the last decade, understanding each other has become increasingly difficult.
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Integrating Jira with TestLink

By Martin Navarro

There are a number of questions to ask when it comes to creating a testing strategy for a project. How we are going to manage test cases is perhaps one of the most important. This question has many possible answers like Excel, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc. However, none of these are valid or practical answers. To produce a high standard test case management we need a tool with all the necessary requirements, or at least most of them. This is where a product like TestLink can be very useful.

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