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Be Green! Be a Changemaker.

By Roxana Morano

Small habits that help us build a better world for future generations.

Do you want to be a better person? Do you want to leave a better world to your children? You can save the world with your daily actions.

At Santex we encourage you to be green!

Reduce the use of resources, Re-use them as much as you can and Recycle them.

Santex is a green company, and we are Sin títuloproud of that.

Santex Changemaker Program is a global program that focuses on three main topics:

A) Recycling

B) Responsible consumption

C) Community


A) Recycling

Here at Santex we recycle:


Empty plastic bottles and bags are put into the grey container next to the kitchen. When it is full, they are taken to a big container we have installed on Velez Sarsfield Square, in front of Patio Olmos. CEIPOST Foundation takes all that plastic, process it and sells it to different companies to use it in construction, clothes, etc. This company is giving jobs to many people in Cordoba and also helps to reduce trash and improves the environment. You can find more information on www.ceipost.org.

Plastic Caps are taken to a big container in Hipermercado Libertad, to help children from a Hospital in Alta Gracia.

Technological Trash:

Batteries and technological trash are also collected here. They are taken to “Municipalidad de Cordoba”, who disarms and classifies technological trash to be re-used as part of new devices, and put batteries on safe cells to avoid contamination.

Paper and cardboard:

All paper and cardboard collected in the brown boxes are sent to Cotolengo Don Orione to help children over there.

B) Responsible consumption

Our first initiative was to educate about the use of water and paper.

We have some great stickers everywhere. Next to a water tap, where you can see: “Save Water”, just to let you know, we should not let water run unnecessarily.  Some other stickers said: “Don’t throw away too much paper!” Everything is just part of the same program.

We should reduce our consumption in order to conserve trees and drinkable water.

C) Community

We have given computers  that  are not in use anymore to low-income  school. We also have given IT lessons to children and adults through all year 2013. On 2015 we are planning to start again with a similar program.


If all these is not enough for you, and you want to do more for the environment, here you have some ideas you can follow:

  •       Plant a tree. Even if you live in an apartment, you can plant trees in big pots on your balcony, or you can grow seedlings and gift them to friends, as I do.
  •       Grown you own vegetables and create as many plants as you can. If you don’t have enough space you can make them and give them as a gift.
  •       Make a worm farm for compost, there you can recycle organic waste. If it is made properly, it should not smell at all. You can buy Californian worms on the Internet. They are not expensive and 3work for you creating the best compost for your plants.




Change your habits, change your mind, change the World.


Roxana Morano is a Java and Python developer for Santex. As one of our volunteers, in this article she explains how we live the Santex Changemaker Program.

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility

By Nes Lopez

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the way a corporation “gives back” to society. This focus usually includes contributions of time and money, a duty to provide environmentally friendly solutions and services and a desire to improve the way the society is living on a global and local stage. Socially responsible corporations see to it that this belief filters to everything they do.

Corporate Social Responsability

Social responsibility can be effectively incorporated with effective strategies to advance goodwill, while building sustainable and impactful businesses. They provide the leadership to demonstrate how employees can pursue both objectives simultaneously. As such, socially conscious companies have stepped up their efforts with increasing effectiveness and productivity. It is an impressive movement and one that invites society at large to do even more.

Corporations that are serious about undertaking a socially responsible and sustainable approach often have to battle the fact that other corporations have used this approach as a ploy or as a marketing scheme, or have questionable motives to engage in corporate social responsibility by jumping on the bandwagon and take advantage of the fad.

Another issue is that corporate social responsibility is far from being consistent and universal. There are many non-governmental agencies that are taking an increasing role in pressuring major corporations to behave responsibly. Even though there is no consistency in government regulations regarding social responsibility and legislation can vary vastly between regions, it is really up to the company to go on its own and find a strategy that works for their individual line of business or needs, either by following in the footsteps of other businesses that have successfully adopted social responsibility and sustainability approaches or work with consultants and subject matter experts.

One of the main reasons corporate social responsibility and sustainability has become such a “hot topic” is the issue that other topics such as global warming, pollution, carbon emissions, and deforestation are a daily and common occurrence in our media outlets. Even though these aspects are highly important, there are also other features regarding social responsibilities that are often not as well publicized and communicated, such as ethics, diversity, and disabilities in the business environment.

If a business is dedicated to really being socially responsible and sustainable, the company culture will carry on to its employees and society will take notice. There will be no need to auto-publicize or fabricate marketing ploys to show how “green” they are, or how many carbon credits they’ve earned; or how hiring minorities and disabled individuals makes them more socially responsible and aware, if an individual is capable of effectively performing their role, it should not matter if they come from a different background or if they have a disability.

Every business can find ways to be socially responsible, just by making the earnest and sincere decision to take on this challenge.

Nes Lopez is a Senior Account Manager with a technical background in web and software development. Considerable experience managing projects from start to bottom with direct client interaction.


Minding the Tech Gap: Internet and technology penetration in the world.

By Gonzalo Fernández, Market Analyst

We spend so much of our time online using our phones and laptops that is can be easy to forget that there are still plenty of people who are not connected to the internet or who do not even know what a computer is. Not every country in the world is as connected as North America, or other first world countries. Even though we are so used to hearing about income and economic inequality, we often overlook the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor people of the world, a gap that is brought about by technological progress, also known as the technological gap.

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