Digital Transformation: How to Accelerate It with Software Development

In the age of Coronavirus there are some words that are being used more often- not only facemask and alcohol gel, but also Home Office, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation to name but a few. But how does the infamous Digital Transformation translate to the real world and how can Software Development help us? Let’s start with the basics: it is a complex process that involves all the people who make up an organisation, and therefore ends up linking all aspects of an enterprise. There are 5 fundamental aspects to take into account when talking about Digital Transformation:



9 Cybersecurity Tips while Working from Home

While we are working from home, it is important not only to use a good antivirus that protects us from any threats, but also to carry out some practices that ensure that the security of our network is taken care of.

Technology for Digital Transformation

Organizations begin the process of change by backing up their information in the digitization of the organization, but that is not all that needs to be done in order to be able to say that we are joining the wave of Digital Transformation. We must realize that there is not a single application or technology that facilitates Digital Transformation, there are multiple methods:
Other technologies that drive business transformation are blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, social media and the Internet of Things (IoT).