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By Javier José Pallero.

Back in the 2000s a landmark case regarding Internet law set the principles of a complex discussion that was to last until the present day. That case, would set the stage for a regulatory scenario with the potential to overthrow entire business models or rather build new ones.

We’re talking about the Napster case.

Back in the day, Napster was found guilty of contributory infringement in relation to copyright violations, but the discussion regarding the scope of intermediary liability was far from over. In fact, in some other countries where contributory infringement is not as serious as in the US, similar cases would lead to different rulings.

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Wiki Solutions Pros: Confluence team collaboration software

By Alejandro Ocampo

We live in an era of intensive communication and shared knowledge. Thanks to different software solutions, interacting with our teammates at work has become faster and more efficient than ever. Wiki solutions have played an important role in opening up new communication channels and democratizing the access to information in organizations.

Creating, collaborating, contributing, connecting and giving feedback are some of the tasks everyone needs to do in order to get their job done on a regular basis.  Within the software industry communicating effectively is a key aspect to success. But because development teams have grown globally and multiculturally over the last decade, understanding each other has become increasingly difficult.
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