Scale Up.
Work together.

We help build your business
success through technology

Through Agile methodologies we create world-class software services for companies around the globe.

Integrated eCommerce solutions to drive profit and boost sales strategy.

High-perfomance mobile applications that solve everyday problems.

Fluid adaptation of your software production cycle in order to respond effectively and intelligently to business change.
Harness the power of Big Data to unveil hidden trends and patterns, while collecting insights that drive innovation.
End-to-end enterprise solutions, from concept to code and development to deployment.
Software development at the heart of a digital-first mindset.
Implement the CRM that best suits your business plans and objectives.
Our DevOps engineers help you automate and optimize your operations.

Building relationships, delivering great results

See how we help transform the vision of industry leaders into tangible value that fuels growth across their business.

Holocratic Structure

Santex is structured around self-organized teams that possess strong decision-making capacity.


We have well specified roles and responsabilities, while maintaining an autonomy and flexibilit that allows is to rapidly meet our client’s bussiness demands.





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We are a US based company founded in 1999, with access to global talent. We work with unique, high performing, multicultural teams all around the world.

We build global teams to work through problem, move ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way.

United States


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Miami, FL 33131, US

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Latin America


Humberto 1º 630 – Piso 9.

Distrito Capitalinas. Córdoba, Argentina.

+54 (0351) 589 7070


Jiron Colina 107

Barranco Lima, CP 04

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Calle 29 #41 – 105

Edificios Soho, El Poblado

+57 (4) 403-1770

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