Python sorting capabilities

HA! It doesn’t work as I would have liked it to. So I asked myself: What can be done to sort the list as I want to?

Python’s standard library sorted function, as you can see here, has an optional cmp parameter, through which one can pass a custom comparison function.

Going back to my example, I needed the images to be compared by the number in their name. For that reason I made this little function to achieve this goal:

And now let’s put all together:


Matias Herranz is as a Python Developer for Santex. He is a Computer Science and Open Source software enthusiast. His professional experience has focused on Python/Django web app development and some incursions in mobile apps for iPhone/Android. He is a team player who enjoys and finds it rewarding to share the things he learns, either through conferences and lectures, or through day-to-day communication with his coworkers.

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  1. Hey Matias, nice post! Take into account the “cmp” parameter was replaced by “key” in Python3, thus is recommended to use it in Python2 to simplify further migrations. Regards!