Software Outsourcing: Case Study Argentina

By Gonzalo Fernandez According to Tholons, both, the city of Buenos Aires and Córdoba rank among the best outsourcing destinations in the World.  Unquestionably, Argentina’s software industry is smaller than the other IT industries in the globe like India’s, Ireland’s or the Philippines’, however, many Argentinean and South Americans cities are regarded as world class […]

Leading the Art of Software Development

By Juan Manuel Vilmaux, Senior Project Manager at Santex No single technique or engineering process can guarantee 100% success in software development. In fact, picking a software development approach has more in common with joining a cult than it does with making a technical decision. Too often the human element is overlooked in the process. […]

Are you leaving money on the table when it comes to IT Outsourcing?

The importance of cultural fit, talent acquisition and scalability. Clients and outsourcers must work together to agree on deals that work for both parties without compromising either one’s ability to deliver value.  Back in the days when we started in 1999, outsourcing’s primary advantage was cost savings, but now this is no longer the case. […]

Magento: the king of eCommerce

By Miguel Balparda, Magento Developer at Santex Now more than ever, eCommerce is front and center in the retail strategy conversation. In the first quarter of this year, online shopping surpassed the USD 50 billion dollar barrier in the US at the same breaking records in Latin America.  Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the biggest […]