Another kind of football

Santex QA, Bruno Molinari, tells us about his experience playing American football, which isn’t so typical in a Latin American world dominated by soccer, the other futbol. How did you start playing (American) football? I started playing about 8 years ago, but I’d already fallen in love with the sport long before that. When school […]

The VR Experience

By Hernan Senki, Front-End Developer at Santex These past few days, I’ve been busy visiting the Egyptian pyramids, exploring the depths of the oceans, jumping out of parachutes, shooting off rockets into space, and driving in car races. I’ve been immersed in all these experiences and more, all without leaving my desk, thanks to the […]

The Power of Meditation

Gassan Quintar tells us about meditation and how it affects his life How did you start to take an interest in meditation? How long have you been practicing? Initially, I was interested in yoga, but I had never made the effort to start. Although it was not on my radar, the word ‘meditation’ appeared on […]

Internet of Things: Challenges

By Sebastian Pereira, Information Systems & Processes at Santex The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Wikipedia states that the first discussion around “a thing” that was interconnected […]

Go for Golf!

Juan Cruz Leyba tells us about some life lessons we can all learn from the sport. I started playing golf in 2009 because a friend recommended that I should try it. One time we were playing golf well past sunset, and he told me, “If you like it, you should start tomorrow and I promise […]

Things to keep in mind before adding a Software Dependency to your project

By Agustin Aliaga, Mobile Developer at Santex In my work experience, one basic thing I learned about software engineering is that you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” every time you want to achieve some functionality. Open source projects have revolutionized the way we work in that we can reutilize existing software in addition to […]